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A child is the ultimate gift to At Rainbow Kiddies Montessori School, we understand how important it is for you to entrust your child into a loving and nurturing environment.

Our focus is to not only ensure that your child has a happy day at school, but that they are also being adequately prepared for their journey into learning and academic development.

We have carefully created a beautiful environment that is warm, colourful, and our staff are carefully selected for their love of children and teaching.

It is vitally important in the early years, for the child’s physical, emotional and academic progress to be carefully nurtured. Our versatile curriculum incorporates Montessori philosophies.

Montessori equipment is readily available in each class, and the children are given the opportunity to be exposed to all our learning areas.

Rainbow Kiddies Explained

At Rainbow Kiddies we value diversity, equity and inclusion.  We help young pupils recognise and respect the differences in genders, culture, different types of family structures.  We believe that this will help young children grow into considerate citizens.

We promote a holistic, nurturing environment where independence and creativity flourish…

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